Did someone say "best job ever"?

Yes, someone said that. And they meant it.

Here's how it works....


Connect/network with others on (and off) campus and refer clubs, Greek life, events, and others to the company for their custom apparel needs


Guide customers through the order process & help organize and place orders on their behalf


Huge commissions are earned on each order you bring in, so the more orders you bring in, the more you make! 








 What if you could have the best job you'll ever have, while you were still in school?


Clothes On is a people-first custom apparel company that offers design, screenprint, embroidery, and promotional product services. We are obsessed with making our customers happy. We pride ourselves on our fantastic customer service and the quick, easy, and stress-free ordering process that so many other custom apparel companies struggle with. Giving customers a magical and memorable experience has allowed us to grow at an exponential rate, as customers are blown away at the ease of ordering, low prices and high quality apparel they receive.  One of the most important components of our success is the Campus Rep Program.

Campus reps build relationships on their campus, market and promote the Clothes On brand, and guide customers through the order process as a part of our personalized service we offer to each customer. Reps can tap into their network friends and classmates, and can also promote outside their network to spread Clothes On to new groups on campus (and other campuses, businesses, etc). Whatever the most effective method of bringing new customers to Clothes On is what we encourage our reps to do!

Time has shown that customers prefer to work directly with a friendly peer than an anonymous company to get through what sometimes feels like an overwhelming process to order custom apparel. Campus reps are the friendly face on campus that help those customers navigate that process. We hire campus reps that are willing to take the initiative to “own” their campus, and help build and market the business in their own vision.

Reps earn commission on each order they solicit. This commission ranges from 8-10% of the total sale price of the order. Average order sizes are around $2,000, leading to large commissions. Reps also get group-wide discounts on orders for their own organizations.

Overall, being a campus rep is a fun, flexible, and stress-free way to make great money working on your own time, in your own way! 

Email us at info@clothesonshop.com for more information!