Wolfiethon 2024 Tees

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150 Gildan Heavy Cotton Tees
Royal: 35 S, 25 M, 25 L, 10 XL, 5 XXL
Red: 2 S, 11 M, 2 L
Azalea: 7 S, 8 M, 5 L
Purple: 8 S, 6 M, 1 L

All fronts: 1 color (White)
On Royal Backs: 1 color (White) **DANCER**
On Red Backs: 1 color (White) **TEAM CAPTAIN**
On Azalea Backs: 1 color (White) **VOLUNTEER**
On Purple Backs: Custom names (White)

Small Wolfiethon Chair 
Small Wolfiethon Vice Chair 
Small Outreach and Engagement Chair
Small Marketing Chair
Small Fundraising Chair 
Small Corporate Sponsor Chair 
Small Entertainment Chair 
Small Outreach and Engagement Chair
Medium Team Captain Chair
Medium Volunteer Chair 
Medium Family Relations B+ Hero Chair 
Medium Marketing Chair
Medium Hospitality Chair 
Medium Event Operations Chair 
Large Team Captain Chair